My artwork is rooted in craft traditions with themes of personal anecdotes, Christian theology, art history, and ethnographic motifs. Although founded in painting, the art I make incorporates various materials and techniques including beads, embroidery, weaving, paper, and carpentry. The resulting aesthetic is an intricate and multi-layered synthesis of figuration, abstraction, and decoration. My hope and vision is to bring Christian themes into the contemporary art world as a relevant subject of discourse. I am interested in how various peoples interpret beliefs and in the many ways they are represented through ritual and artifact.


Born in Cd. Júarez, Chihuahua, México, 1979

Live and work in Los Angeles, CA

Associate Professor of Illustration in the Communication Arts department at OTIS

Art is a wild frontier, the line between convention and innovation. Art is a place where you can make your own rules, where you can paint it however you want!